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  1. Coauthor: Rabid Pelican
  2. Biography: Dori Brandes - Physicist, educator, writer, and artist. Creator of Geijutsu gakko | Erinys & the Seer | ART:

duration 107M Directed by Jen Soska Countries Canada Ted Atherton tomatometers 5,9 of 10 Stars. Honestly put this on not expecting much, which I guess work's in this films favour as everything that it did well was a nice surprise.
Had a great cast and with the cameo from C. Master Punk, well, that was just a fun time for all.
The writing was pretty sold too, the scares and storyline blend together well and are able to play out together without ever disrupting the pace of the film.
It's not a masterpiece but it does its job and I would recommend it to people who like a good little horror film.
And dinosaurs were apparently more like giant chickens rather than lizards. Not sure how I feel about that.

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Rabid cow. I know JOT's husband travels for his work. My sister's husband was a oil drilling consultant and traveled the world for 30 years. My sister was home in the US raising kids. She was changing diapers and he was golfing on the Ivory Coast, she was taking sick kids to the doctor and he was having fun in Dubai, or enjoying a scenic route on a Russian train. I know there was great fallout in my sister's marriage, which they struggled through, they are still together. I wonder if this may play a part in JOTs struggles as well. Hope u called the cops to put it down. 1:20 - 1:29 Perfect. Rapididentity.

I feel like I basically just watched the whole movie in this trailer. JAEDEN YESS IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TRAILER FOR SO LONG. Seriously no mediation spot after this battle? What the hell man. Midway. MANDY MORE. I'm IN. or not. yeah probably not. Rabid cur. HERE'S THE VERY DISTURBING FACT. Jewels is using her education in psychology to manipulate her audience. What is so frightening is that Jewels has attacked vulnerable people who did nothing to her. I find Jewels to be the most scary of predators because she's using her credentials (she continuously states them) then uses them to undermine & hurt people. She does this by attacking them & accusing them of falsehoods & does it through her videos & privately through her vicious emails. Rabid squirrel. Rabid rider. Rabideaux's iowa la.

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Rabid thistle bear classic. Former ' CM Punk' of WWE-ROH-TNA Wrestling, is in this David Cronenberg remake and oh boy, I was not ready by his intensity. Directed by the Soska Sisters, they did what others don't with remakes, and that's make it better. Back in the 70s, i thought it was an okay movie, but miss many opportunites. Here, they make it more understandable and with great chemistry between actors.
at the end of the day, i'm chanting event more ' CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK' or ' MR BROOKS, MR BROOKS, MR BROOKS'
Solid B flick.

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Whoever thought this would make good veiwing sorely underestimated the human race! Like I said don't waste your time woth this rot. Rabid raccoon behavior. Rabid fox. Film nya bagus... Great quality content, this Youtube video really entertained me and made my day better. Thanks for posting it so I would click on it and watch it.

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